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Dramatic Poles

Law-maker or law-breaker?


A vampire for the past 60 years, Maxwell trained as a lawyer, and provided legal services to the city's crime syndicate. These skills also made him useful to the vampire "family", to the extent that he was made a vampire in order to maintain him as an asset. In order to deal with the passing of time, Maxwell has masqueraded as his (non-existent) son, and currently as his own grandson. 


How did you become a vampire?: Made a vampire in order to maintain his usefulness to the "family".

How do you obtain blood?: Usually have it delivered, in order to minimise the prospect of being caught. Can classically hunt and lure if necessary.




Talking (Persuasive)
Knowing (Laws of Vampire society)





Maxwell initially met Sammael Gravano while assisting him with his activities in the underworld, a task in which his experience was valuable. Over the years, the two have become close friends.



What you want from others:

What Anson wants from Sammael is reassurance that his activities will not violate the laws.

What Anson wants from Miranda is absolution for guilt at his abandonment of her, which makes him question how the vampire system works.

What Anson wants from Dan is respect for the way this city is run.

Why they can't have what they want

Anson cannot give Miranda his support as that is not to the advantage of the "family".


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