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Sammael "the Beast" Gravano





Dramatic Poles

To serve the Family      OR      to rule the Family ?


A relatively young (a couple decades of unlife) but influentially powerful up and coming star of The City's ruling "family" of vampires. Unlike the modern Vampires who have hidden themselves behind powerful corporations and influential firms. Sammael has made most of his reputation in the underworld like the vampires of old, solving "problems" for the more powerful members of the family which have given him considerable leeway with them.


How did you become a vampire?
Drew the attention of one as a helpful human when he was taking care of other problematic vampires, after a few years of grooming was given a test and passed. Then was turned. 


How do you obtain blood?
The classic way, hunt and stalking but luring works well sometimes



Sammael looks as though he is in his late twenties or early thirties.  



Talking ( Knows Etiquette)
Fighting ( Planning Murders)







Anson initially met Sammael while assisting him with his activities in the underworld, a task in which his experience was valuable. Over the years, the two have become close friends.

Miranda trod the trail Sammael is walking right now, she is a cautionary tale and someone to watch out for.

Dan has offered his services in more than one occasion since he first arrived in the city, and has been assisting Sammael ever since.



Miranda cannot dominate Sammael because he is soberly aware that giving her ground will bring the end of his unlife.

Anson cannot get the reassurance he wants because the Family sometimes needs shaking in order to continue to thrive and exist.

Dan cannot get the trust he seeks because while he doesn't recognize it yet due to the influence he has with outsider groups he has become a danger to the Family that might need to get reined in.

What Sammael wants from Anson is his support even when the Elders need to be challenged or rules broken for the sake of the Family

What Sammael wants from Miranda is for her respect as an important member of the Family

What Sammael wants from Dan is for him to pledge is influence with the outsider's to Sammael's cause


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