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Vampire Lore

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Is there a cure?
Sammael: Not that I am aware of.
Anson: This is a one-way trip. 
How often do you drink blood? How often do you need to? What happens if you don't?
Once every few days, but the longer the time goes on, the more hunger burns and the harder it is to control it

What happens if you go out into the sunlight?
Irritation at first specially if only low amounts of reflected sunlight, then as the exposure increases, start blistering first then burning slowly and when all the skin is one then I burst into flames like if I was made of flammable material

What powers do vampires have that ordinary humans don't?
Super Human, physique, senses and reflexes. Plus other tricks like shape changing or mind manipulation, depending on the vampire's precise bloodline.

What do vampires fear?
Exposure of their secret society, humans meddling in their affairs making feeding harder than it has to be. 
Often, other vampires. 

Are there different kinds of vampires? How do they differ?
Vampires vary widely, according to their bloodline, often inheriting tricks passed from a vampire "parent", but with lots of random variation.
As a result, each vampire is unique.

How do vampires interact with one another? E.g. do they stick together in 'family' units, have organized groups?
They have developed into an organized group where a family or clan of vampires is ruled by the most powerful Elder while the rest of the old vampires run their own sub-families within the family. There are probably 4-5 major families in a big city. They get along in an uneasy truce where the rules are very specific no vampire may kill another without prior permission from his Elder and the sire and Elder the would be victim. 

What are the traditions and laws that vampires follow?
They have formed an unnecessarily complex and corrupt set of unbreakable traditions with death as penalty for any who breaks them. So everyone is always figuring out loopholes around them.

Main rules:
No vampire may sire without express permission and consent from his Elder
No vampire may be slain without express permission of his Elder, the would be victim's Elder and his Sire.
One most always present himself before the Elder of a specific region when entering it.
One must always come when called.

When and where did vampires originate?
It's a mystery. There are lots of stories, but none can be verified as anything more than mythology.

How can a vampire be killed?
Depriving or relieving them of blood.

Silver weapons (blades, bullets, etc.) are effective where their everyday counterparts are not.

Are you visible in mirrors? What about on video?

 Vampires appear in mirrors and on film/digital media as a misty blur, usually explicable as equipment failure or operator error. This is useful when pretending to be your own son, but means that staying out of the media limelight is the wisest course. One of Maxwell's prized possessions is a painted portrait of his "grandfather". 


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