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Dramatic Poles

Join the Family      OR      destroy the Family ?


Concept: Miranda became a vampire more than 100 years ago. For a long time, she was a powerful member of the Family. But around 2005, she started to be frozen out. Now she does not get invited to the meetings. The Family rarely ask her counsel. Her territory is respected - other vampires do not feed there without permission. But she is not the powerful figure that she used to be.




Enduring (streetwise)
Knowing (expert investigator)



Relationship to Sammael: Sammael is what Miranda was. She was the up and coming rising star, but he took her place.

Relationship to Anson: Miranda has known him since he was a fledgling vampire. She talked the Family into making him into a vampire and was pleased with how he turned out. But she's bitter that he didn't do more to help her.

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