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Dan Bujan

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Dramatic Poles

The monster      OR      the human?




Concept/role: Dan is a wild card. He's a foreigner, and extremelly well-connected to immigrants and some minor supernatural creatures. He spent the last 3 decades moving around the American territory looking for answers and, most importantly, his maker's whereabouts. About 5 years back he got word that his maker was seen in San Francisco. He settled there for the time being, and as he became quite knowledgeabe about different mythologies and folklore during his travels, he built up a reputation as being a reliable asset when it comes to solving problems in immigrant inhabited areas or non-vampire related issues.

Origin: In the beginning of the 1970's he moved to the USA as one of the first Brazilian exchange students to be accepted in Harvard, where he started his carreer in the Social Studies field. He made friends with other immigrants, stablishing a communitary circle of experience exchanging (in which people contributed by teaching their expertise, and learning others, i.e. education, crafts, martial arts). He grew popular in those neighbourhoods, but managed to stay away from political life. By the end of that decade, he saw a girl being attacked in the campus parking lot, and helped her. The attacker fled, but paid him a visit that same week, turned him into a vampire and then disappeared.





  • Observing (body language)
  • Moving (reflexes)


  • Making
  • Sneaking



Relationship to Sammael: When Dan first arrived in Frisco, he soon learned he had to fall in The Beast's good graces in order to lead a reasonably tranquil period in the city. He offered his services in more than one occasion, and has been assisting Sammael on occasion.

Relationship to Anson: Dan reads Anson as a dangerous gentleman. His influence in the "right" places, along with his connection to Sammael, make him quite an achiever. Most of the times, Dan tries to stay out of his path, but their business with immigrants make that kind of hard to avoid.

Relationship to Miranda: Dan knows that with age comes power. Raw, practical power. And he respects power. He fondly sees Miranda as a celebrity whose heydays are gone, but who is still in great shape. Also, he hopes to learn something from her long years of unlife.



What Anson wants from Dan is respect for the way this city is run.

He can't have it because Dan believes the rules are dictatorial, arbitrary and biased.



What Sammael wants from Dan is for him to pledge his influence with the outsider's to Sammael's cause


He can't have it because Dan doesn't want his fellows to become mere pawns on a board.

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